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Medical malpractice causes tens of thousands of deaths and millions of injuries in the United States each year. The Edwards medical and dental malpractice attorneys at Heckman & O'Connor represent clients who have been injured as a result of a medical or dental professional’s failure to provide the appropriate standard of care in medical or dental treatments.

Representation for Medical Negligence Cases

When a physician fails to act as a similarly licensed medical professional would, this is medical negligence. If a doctor does something that another reasonably careful doctor would not do in a similar situation, this is medical malpractice. If you were injured as a result of a medical professional’s actions or failure to provide appropriate treatment, an experienced medical malpractice attorney can advise you of your rights.

Some common malpractice cases involve:

  • A delay in diagnosis or failure to diagnose a disease
  • A diagnosis is made, but the physician fails to provide proper treatment
  • Mistakes made by surgeons or anesthesiologists during surgery
  • Wrongful amputation
  • Mistakes in delivery that cause birth injuries
  • Misuse of prescription drugs

Resources to Handle Your Medical Malpractice Case

Our Edwards medical and dental malpractice lawyers work with a network of experts and potential co-counsel throughout the state to ensure that we have the resources to provide the highest quality legal representation for every client. We offer personalized representation for every client and your attorney will be accessible to you throughout the legal process.

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