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Have you been charged with committing a drug offense in Colorado? If so, you may potentially face thousands of dollars in criminal fines and prison sentences for several years. Given the threat to your liberty and life posed by such charges, it is highly recommended that you consult an experienced drug offense attorney in Vail to defend your rights and interests.

At Heckman & O’Connor, we have years of invaluable experience defending Vail residents from foreboding drug charges. You can count on our legal team, backed by over 40 years of experience, to advocate for your rights. We offer personalized legal representation that is custom tailored to fit the specific needs of your case.

Drug Offenses in Colorado

Colorado law prohibits the possession, manufacture, distribution, and sale of controlled substances. The severity of the punishment that drug offenders face depends on various factors, including the type of drug and the quantity involved. For example, possessing a small amount of codeine without a prescription will warrant a lighter sentence compared to selling heroin to a teenager.

Like federal law, Colorado organizes drugs into the following schedules:

  • Schedule I – High potential for abuse and no accepted medical use.
  • Schedule II – High potential for abuse but has an accepted medical use.
  • Schedule III – A moderate potential for abuse and addiction.
  • Schedule IV – A low potential for abuse and addiction.
  • Schedule V – Medications with small quantities of narcotics, presenting the lowest potential for abuse.

Charges for possession of a scheduled substance with the intent to distribute involves criminal penalties so severe, a successful conviction typically means life-changing consequences. To make sure your constitutional rights are given their due recognition and respect, reach out to an experienced Vail criminal defense lawyer for legal representation.

Criminal Defense Strategies That Work

Given the understanding that substance abuse is a disease that affects a person’s judgment and self-control, Colorado law gives first-time offenders a chance to mitigate their sentence if they go through a substance abuse education and treatment program. Our drug offense attorneys in Vail from Heckman & O’Connor are committed to developing the most appropriate defense given the circumstances of your situation.

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